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Design & Engineering

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We give you the tools to view your system through you phone and computer.

Customer Service

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Tech Support

Our team continues to assist you to aid your understanding of the system and monitor.


We have a low-pressure sales approach and $0 down financing for our clients. At Element Power, we believe in offing industry-leading products and we back them with a 25-year warranty.

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From the hills of San Francisco to the studios of Hollywood, homeowners across California have
taken advantage of solar energy for years now. Let us show you why they made this choice…

Given the extremely high cost of traditional electricity in California and (thankfully) a large population of nature-loving citizens, adoption of green energy sources has been both widespread and successful.

Our customers in California have installed solar panels for a variety of reasons: to save money, to help both the local and global environment, to gain independence from utility companies, to cheaply power their electric vehicles, and to show off their sweet
new panels to their neighbors.

All of them have taken advantage of one of California’s best attributes – the sun. Here at Element Power Systems, California is home to us as well. Help us keep our state healthy and clean while saving thousands on your utility bill!

Roof Technology

Roof Mounting is equally important as any component of a solar system. Many contractors get away with cheap roof mounts because customers don’t know what to ask. Ask questions. Accept only the industry leader in %100 code-compliant watertight solar roof mounts.

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Solar saves the planet.

Solar energy is a completely renewable resource unlike coal, oil and gas. The sun provides 6,000 times more energy in just one day than the earth needs for a whole year. Your solar system creates no emissions, just clean, green energy.

solar for america

You planting 2,500 trees.

Solar panels California

You not driving 285,000 miles.